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Mon Paris Patisserie
Project Description

MonParis Patisserrie is a gourmet chocolate and pastry shop located in Burnaby’s famous Metrotown area.

It is owned and operated by the renowned Chef Elena Krasnova, a graduate of famed Ferrandie Ecole de Gastronomie in Paris.

MonParis patisserie is an all-encompassing project for which Red Box ID was responsible for the interior design and custom millwork.  The 1000 square foot space consists of fully functioning chocolate and pastry kitchens and inviting bistro-style café with Parisian vibe. 

Like any great Chef, Elena’s pastries are unique, they are French but with a modern twist and that was what we wanted to translate into the interior of the café.  As a result, this café looks and feels French but it is not a replica by any means.

Since the Eiffel tower is present in the company’s logo, a full height mural of the Eiffel tower view was selected for the feature wall of the café area.  It became a clean and unadorned backdrop for this bistro-style seating area with its sky continued on the ceiling represented by the painted stripes in 3 matching colors inspired by the famous song Sous le ciel de Paris (Under Paris Skies). 

The old looking floor tiles are laid in the pattern reminiscent of Place du Trocadero.  The retail area consists of custom designed and built refrigerated displays where colorful pastries are displayed next to the handcrafted glossy chocolates.  Proper lighting with high color rendering index was selected to reveal all the richness and the nuances of Elena’s creations.

Stop by and try authentic French pastries and chocolates or perhaps sign up for one of Elena’s private pastry class in her state-of-the-art spacious 600 square foot open-concept kitchen.


Project Details
  • Client MonParis Patisserie
  • Type
  • Services
    Interior Design
  • Location
  • Size
    1,000 sq.ft.
  • Completed
  • Photography
    Red Box ID

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