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NuAGE Laser and Skin Care Clinic
Project Description

NuAGE Laser is an advanced laser therapy, skin care and hair removal clinic located downtown Vancouver. Their clinicians are highly skilled and the technology is cutting edge.

When the founder, Ellie Yousefian, selected our design studio to design her very own clinic we were very excited as the future project seemed to be quite challenging.  How can you fit a fully-operational treatment room, a consultation room, a staff room w/washer/dryer combo and a kitchen, a retail area, a make-up station, a reception for two and a waiting area for 3-4 people plus conveniently locate ample storage on a 380 sq ft footprint and make it look and feel spacious, inviting and gender neutral?  The final result made everyone happy.

Inspired by the geometry of the space, we came up with the concept of a returning boomerang, which also represents returning customers, and translated its shape into a drop ceiling wrapped in wood, the material which boomerangs are typically made out of.  The color scheme was then put together consisting of the matching wood, greys and whites, found in the existing granite floor tiles, and added chrome accents. 

Thoughtful space planning, wooden accents and quality lighting make this salon stand out while the pink backlit Nu logo lures people in.


Project Details
  • Client NuAge Laser
  • Type
  • Services
    Interior Design
  • Location
  • Size
    400 sq.ft.
  • Completed
  • Photography
    Red Box ID

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