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Peeple Office

Well Branded Office Space in the Heart of Vancouver

  • Peeple Office Main Entry Designed by Red Box ID
  • Peeple Office Interview Room Designed by Red Box ID
  • Peeple Office Open Meeting Area Designed by Red Box ID
  • Peeple Office Recording Studio Designed by Red Box ID
  • Peeple Open Floor Office Designed by Red Box ID
  • Peeple Office Space Planning Designed by Red Box ID
  • Peeple Office Before Construction
Project Description

Peeple Inc. helps companies build industry-leading teams and help individuals find ideal work environments that fulfill their career and life needs. 

Our mandate was to create the ideal work environment for the company itself. Peeple Inc. new office is just less than 1000 sq ft and is located inside a historic Credit Foncier building in Downtown Vancouver.  The main goal was to embrace the company and its brand to the fullest so that upon arrival one knew it was Peeple Inc. head office. 

The new office has everything the company needed, a separate boardroom that can be opened into the rest of the space for larger presentations, an open office space, open and enclosed meeting zones, a staff room and even a recording studio. The white back painted glass throughout the office not only adds luster but also becomes a flexible white board wherever and whenever people need it to express their ideas or write greeting messages. Breathtaking view upon entering the office, Teknion office furniture in 3 distinct branding colors and  features like brick walls, reflective back painted glass and felt accents truly enable this office space to stand out and maintain a strong image for the company.

Project Details
  • Client Peeple Inc.
  • Type
  • Services
    Interior Design
  • Location
  • Size
    900 sq.ft.
  • Completed
  • Photography
    Red Box ID